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“Botbkr saved me countless hours of manual work.”
Jimmy Yong

Intern bots who never tire of making your life better

We’ve got pre-trained dough to bake you a low-maintenance, high energy intern bot in just a matter of days. They’ll hit the ground running and gladly take care of the menial, repetitive tasks round the clock.

Pre-trained guru bots to provide expert advice

Having a guru bot is having an expert in your pocket that’s available for a consult 24/7. We’ve invested time and resources training a guru bots on specific topics so you don’t need to from mastering gelato to minting NFTs. One more thing, our guru gots don’t hallucinate. They’re strictly not allowed to consume any medical leaves.

Increase creativity and control

Easy to install.
Effortless to maintain.

Life is better without complications

“Jenny, our intern bot, quickly found answers from our website and responded to our customers. I finally have time to grow my business.”


Alice Miles

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